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Machine Wash, HOT. Стирка одежды из хлопка и льна с кипячением. Обозначение — корыто с водой, 60 градусов. Machine Wash, HOT. Можно стирать одежду, которая не стойкая к кипячению лен, хлопок. Корыто с водой, 40 градусов. Mechanical washing machines appeared in the early 1800s, although they were all hand-powered. Early models cleaned clothes by rubbing them, while later models cleaned clothes by moving them through water. стиральная машина frontloading/toploading washing machine стиральная машина с фронтальной/вертикальной загрузкой - Англо-русский универсальный словарьЧто такое washing machine. А вот в новых стиральных машинах AEG OKOMix реализована запатентованная технология (Super Washing Performance): предварительное растворение в воде не только порошка, но и ополаскивателя. Год выдался урожайным на удивительную бытовую технику, и производители стиральных машин тоже показали, что такое настоящий креатив. Разбираемся, что из нововведений полезно, а что не очень. Mechanical washing machines appeared in the early 1800s, although they were all hand-powered. Early models cleaned clothes by rubbing them, while later models cleaned clothes by moving them through water. For the Sonic Youth album, see Washing Machine. A washing machine, or washer, is a machine designed to clean laundry, such as clothing, towels and sheets.

The term is mostly applied only to machines that use water as the primary cleaning solution, as opposed to dry cleaning Смотреть что такое "washing machine" в других словаряхWikipedia Espaol. Washing Machine — Студийный альбом Sonic Youth Дата выпуска 26 сентября 1995 Записан Январь май 1995 This new washing machine meets all requirements for a modern washing of laundry with reduced consumption of water, energy and detergent. n The temperature selector dial allows you to choose personally the suitable washing temperature for your laundry. washing machine - Бесплатный онлайн словарь. 210 000 слов, выражений и переводов, плюс форумы для обсуждения.Англо-русский словарь на | washing machine. English-Russian Russian-English больше This manual contains important information on the installation, use and care of your appliance. Please take some time to read this manual to take full advantage of your washing machines many benefits and features. WASHING MACHINE. For centuries, people on sea voyages washed their clothes by placing the dirty laundry in a strong cloth bag, and tossing it overboard, letting the ship drag the bag for hours. The principle was sound: forcing water through clothes to remove dirt. Washing machine. WS12K26COE siemens-home.com/welcome. UX . Еще значения слова и перевод WASHING MACHINE с английского на русский язык в англо-русских словарях. Перевод WASHING MACHINE с русского на английский язык в русско-английских словарях. The first English patent under the category of Washing machines was issued in 1791.[8] A drawing of an early washing machine appeared in the January 1752 issue of The Gentlemens Magazine, a British publication.

Значение слова «Washing machine», определение и толкование термина « Washing machine». Смывочное устройствоМоечная машина.Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии » Что такое «Washing machine»? [] bathroom and fully-equipped kitchen with washing machine and dishwasher. a-barcelona.com.XL Series spiral sand washing machine sand washing machine, also known as, the separation can [] A washing machine (laundry machine, clothes washer, or washer) is a device used to wash laundry.

The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning (which uses alternative cleaning fluids, and is performed by specialist businesses) or ultrasonic cleaners. Contemporary washing machines are available in two main configurations: "top loading" and "front loading".All washing machines work by using three different sources of energy. They use mechanical energy, thermal energy, and chemical action. 1. Types of washing machines. The first question to be answered is whether you need a front load or a top load machine. If you plan to put your machine under a work surface you need a front load machine, which is quieter, has a larger capacity and is more energy efficient. Washing - мыть, моющий Из этого следует "моющий машины". Смотря какое предложение.

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